New Emmanuel Baptist Church

Church History

In 1870, the Rev. Griffin Braxton, Webb Moss, and Dock Venson organized the house in the Cove Community. After twice being destroyed by fire, it was consolidated with the Queen Ester Baptist Church, which sat on this very corner, under the leadership of Rev. W.L. Williams, and renamed it the New Emmanuel Baptist Church in 1902.

From that time until then, this church has had seven pastors: Rev. W.L. Williams, Rev. James Hunter, Rev. P. L. Silas, Rev. Ezra King, Rev. Louis Goins, and Rev. George Sibley, and is currently under the leadership of the Rev. Roland E. Mouton, Jr.

In 1970 at the 100th anniversary celebration, a letter was placed in a time capsule behind the cornerstone to the congregation of 2070. In 1975, a note burning service was held on the church. In 1983, the family center was erected, and its note burning service was held in 1990. Also in 1990, we awarded our first annual scholarship of 500.00 dollars to a high school graduate.

For the future, we have stated a 2011-2012 pledge campaign program to purchase vacant properties near the church and expand both our facilities to continue to meet the needs of winning souls to Christ and implementing new ministries that address overcoming addictions and habits in our community. To God be the glory for the things He has done and will do through his people.

N.E.B.C. •  502 N. Lyons St  •  Lake Charles, La, 70601